Positive change takes a lot of great people.

LA's BEST succeeds because of people with vision, passion, enthusiasm, creativity, patience and a lot of love.

Engaging children as active learners — and helping them see new choices and opportunities — takes staff members that care, listen and support students and their families. It takes board members actively participating in our governance, fundraising, programming, and partnerships, and volunteers and alumni who gladly share their time and life experiences with our kids. It takes partners who help us imagine, create and launch new programming, and sustain our core activities. And it takes the generosity of our many supporters.

Thank you for being part of the LA’s BEST family.

LA's BEST students making pizza with Redbird restaurant chef, Kasra Ajdari.

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“I was invited to an LA’s BEST event at UCLA called Community Jam Against Violence in 2005. I volunteered to lead kids in from school buses to their assigned seats at UCLA’s beautiful Royce Hall. The first kid I was leading in gasped upon entering Royce Hall and said ‘I didn’t know they let kids like me into places like this.’ I have been hooked on LA’s BEST ever since.” – Dave Travers, Governing Board Member

“I work in LA’s BEST because we support youth development in ways that help them envision how to create a better world.” – Regino Chávez, Director of Evaluation

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