Helping students envision what their lives can become.

Our people make LA’s BEST extraordinary.

Research shows that children who have one or more caring adults in their lives are more likely to blossom into productive and caring adults themselves. LA’s BEST staff do more than just care for our students – they are role models of kindness and leadership.

Our staff are coaches, mentors and role models to our students. They are the power that drives our programs and energizes our kids. Meet our Leadership staff.

“The wonderful staff at LA's BEST help students communicate their feelings, seek respectful resolutions with peers and engage them in learning academically and socially. It is a joy to see these young people, diverse in ages and backgrounds, playing, learning and building a safe community with adults who set an example for positive leadership.”
– Lois Tryk, LA's BEST parent
Nearly 25% of LA's BEST staff are LA's BEST alumni.

"You can’t give up – you’ve got to give it your all when you’re working with kids. They will always remember you."
-Darlene Garcia, Site Coordinator and LA’s BEST staffer for eight years

Our staff are deeply committed and connected to our communities. Nearly 25% of LA’s BEST staff are LA’s BEST alumni themselves. They are the best proof of the positive impact our program can have on young children — and the best people to guide and inspire today’s students.

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