Engaging students to keep them safe, healthy, active and learning all summer.

The Summer of Fun!

LA’s BEST is accepting applications for the 2023 Summer Learning Program June 13 to July 28 at 142 select LAUSD elementary schools. Please click here to apply! 

Click here to watch the Summer of Fun video from 2021! This year will be just as fun! 

The LA’s BEST Summer Learning Program keeps kids engaged and active while school is out, helping to prevent summer learning loss.  Select LA’s BEST sites will open for enrolled children.

The LA’s BEST Summer Program mirrors our program during the regular academic school year where children are engaged in experiential learning opportunities around language arts, sports, student wellness and lots of fun – at no cost to parents.

Students in the LA’s BEST Summer Learning Program maintain and/or gain up to one-third of a grade level in English language vocabulary skills.

English Language Learners in the LA’s BEST Summer Learning Program demonstrate statistically significant gains in their grade-level vocabulary skills in English.**

Physical activity, organized sports, healthy eating habits and new friends.

Without support, research shows that children from low-income families lose more than two months of reading achievement every summer, compared to their more affluent peers.*

The risk of significant and unhealthy weight gain during the summer months is greater for lower-income youth who often don’t get to participate in the range of summer activities more affluent children typically enjoy.*** In response, LA’s BEST Summer Program incorporates physical activity, organized sports and focuses on healthy eating habits.

BEST summer program also gives students access to resources and experiences outside their immediate surroundings, including visits to museums and parks, where children take part in engaging, hands-on activities that cultivate learning.

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