Active, heartfelt support from Los Angeles leaders.

¨LA's BEST is our greatest pathway to opportunity in Los Angeles. Investing in the most vulnerable kids and families brings more equality, and lets us build a better community and future for all. And that´s why I joined this fantastic organization, which has an outstanding team of educators and leaders.¨ ~ Damián Mazzotta, Chair, Board of Directors

They give of themselves, enlist and engage their companies and employees, and connect us to their families and friends — all in support of LA’s BEST students and families. They are true believers, and our best supporters and ambassadors.

“It was clear to me in an instant that LA’s BEST changes lives, and I wanted to be a part of that.” – Christopher D. Dusseault, LA’s BEST Board of Directors

Damián Mazzotta, Chair Board of Directors during a site visit, engaging with students during a STEM-based activity.
Board Members attending the 2023 Share The Journey gala.

LA's BEST has three boards providing critical support to our program:

The Board of Directors is responsible for governance of the organization and private fundraising.

The Advisory Board is responsible for oversight of program quality and community partnerships.

The BEST Friends Board is responsible for engaging young professionals as donors and creating connections with students.