Created in response to a pressing need that persists today.

From a vision for the future, a partnership benefiting thousands of children.

LA’s BEST was created in 1988 by Mayor Tom Bradley and LAUSD Superintendent Leonard Britton to address the alarming rise in the lack of adequate adult supervision of elementary school children during the critical hours between 3pm and 6pm. LA’s BEST was formed as a unique partnership between the Mayor’s Office, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the private sector. Starting with the very first private investment of $500,000 from Kaiser Permanente in 1988, corporate and private donors have been critical to the quality and range of activities we’re able to offer at LA’s BEST — activities such as STEM, digital learning, arts, sports and fitness, and healthy eating.

Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and LA's BEST students.
LA's BEST President and CEO Eric Gurna, with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Alvaro Cortés, Executive Director of LAUSD's Beyond the Bell branch.

This public/private partnership continues today, allowing kids to stay at their elementary school sites after school, and underpinning the programmatic excellence and impact of the program.

Since 1988, we’ve expanded from 10 schools and 1,000 students, to 200 schools, where we serve 25,000 children every school day across Los Angeles.